Wednesday, 15 July 2009

50 and counting!

Now shall we count up or down??

While up would be numerically correct, I like the idea of a countdown – especially as I am counting down to my 50th Birthday!

Another aside, I am dieting (groan- I know), though mainly for health reasons, I have a dicky ticker..., and need to get rid of a few stones, but I also have to admit to some vanity - so hopefully these pictures will also show me shrinking too . The problem is that I am real foodie ( and cakie) well a liking a glass of wine or two, *laughs*, so it may be a slow journey!


  1. Shullie, I'll count down with you, though I can't promise to swear off the cake!

  2. I'll be counting too, and I'd count down :-) x