Saturday, 7 November 2009

46 Morecambe , Lancashire 19.08.2009

On the 19th August, I headed of with Sue, Jo and Lelani to stay a few for the weekend with our friend Antonia, who happens to live in Morecambe. A weekend of visiting places was planned... but the first is Morecambe itself!

We arrived in the evening, and after some refreshments, we went for a walk along the front, it was dark so not a great deal to see, though Lelani did find a friend.

The following day we did meet up with Eric Morecambe and his birds!

The statue was created and cast by Graham Ibbeson and stands on the Promenade as a tribute to the town’s most famous son. It was unveiled by the Queen in 1999. 

The life-sized bronze sculpture features the comedy legend in his classic ‘Bring Me Sunshine’ pose; one hand raised and a leg cocked. surrounded by stars of fame..

Eric was also a keen ornithologist, and around the statue and along the front you can find many statues of Turns and seagulls...

We did have coffee and cake ( or in my case tea), but we had those at Antonia's house, and I forgot to take pictures .. silly me!!

It was a lovely day and I got a lovely picture of the bay 

We have talked about going up again as soon as possible and to especially go and have cocktails and maybe even a spa day at The Midlands Hotel, which is a stunning Art Deco hotel, that has recently been restored to it original grandeur.

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