Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Scotland Day 3

So off we headed ... cross country and then down was the plan...

We made our way down to Loch Ness, stopping of at Castle Urquhart, and even though the weather was not great we managed to spend a fantastic few hours exploring the ruins and taking in the scenery.

and the obligatory cup of tea

sadly we didn't get to see much of Nessie that day....  

but we did stop off at Fort Augustus ....

And the Caledonian Canal .... which was rather interesting......and while there we did pop into the Visitors Centre... I don''t think the review does it justice... it was far worse than that.. but the canal itself and watching the boats come and go was very interesting

After which we headed down to to our next overnight stop in the splendid Gelngary Castle on the banks of Loch Oich

We dressed for dinner, was was a wonderful 7 course meal, and then spent the rest of the evening in the sitting room, being waited on.  Of course we had to taste the local tippple, would have been rude not too!!

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