Sunday, 18 March 2012

Long time No see

Wow it's been a long time since I last posted here... I have been unfaithful and have to admit to having a new Blog, and *whispers* it's not on Blogger... but Wordpress

Last year we were lucky enough to be offered the custodianship of an amazing Lodge, and of course we accepted .

The Under Gardener's Lodge

The Under Gardener's Lodge was built around 1841, though to be honest we only received the keys  at the beginning  of June 2011; I know such a long time to wait ...
We were finally able to move in at the end of July 2011, after some redecoration and some initial repairs had taken place.

You are very welcome to come over and have a look around - see the wonderful place that I get to live.  (just click the link above)

It has meant that I have not done a great deal of travelling around over the last 12 months.  Hopefully that may change over the next few months.  

Until then I will try and post some more catch up images of places I have been and even of the place I live now...


  1. Oh I am so jealous!!! I love your abode!! it is so magical looking...I am very interested in your premise to visit 50 places...especially in the UK My dream trip someday....:) I can't wait to see where you go!

    Peace, Linda

  2. What a magical, lovely cottage!

  3. such a beautiful place to be living in ... i'll be so inspired here ...