Tuesday, 4 May 2010

41 - Sentry Circle / 40 Yarm - 28-31 August 2009

Sentry Circle is a a stone circle built  by a North Yorkshire  Farmer, Derek  Plewss and friends just north of Northallerton, in Goddes own county!.  

It's a stunningly beautiful place; we camped there for a few days at the end of last Summer, and loved it so much we even went back for Samhain festivities at the end of October!   

Looking down  from the circle to the camp site

You can see from the above photo how far they had to drag the stones up from the road.  If you want to know more you can see a couple of videos on YouTube to show how they did it....

While we were in the area we had a little drive round and ended up stopping off for a walk round a 'gander' in Yarm on Tees.  

Yarm is a small town on the South bank of the River Tees, though offically it's still in North Yorkshire.

It was mention in the Doomsday book, in 1086, so has a long and varied history.


...and of course we found a delightful
café- and had a coffee!

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