Sunday, 2 May 2010

Re evaluating and the art of jumping of a cliff

Well I got to 50 years old but didn't manage the to get 50 new places on here.. though I came pretty close..

I did a fantastic trip with my good friend Sue around the Highlands of Scotland... a sort of Thelma and Louise  experience without the drive of the cliff.    Though, some may say we did 'drive off' - or indeed 'jump' - and perhaps we did- as we both changed our lives considerable after that trip...

However, that means I have some fantastic pictures and memories of our road trip to share.  The Highlands of Scotland are breath takingly beautiful , and I was lucky enough to share the journey with such a good friend.  What an adventure we had - as Sue said "Who needs Sat Nav when you have a 'Shullie'" .

First I need to get up to date with the photographs and the places I visited last year, especially up to my 50th Birthday which I spent in Glastonbury, meeting and catching up with friends old and new

Secondly as this is my 50th year - photo's of new places we have visited and perhaps a return to some I visited last year ( I really want to visit Lincoln again and this time go inside the cathedral and the Castle), so lots more too come I hope.

And last but not least - I think this will mainly become just a picture blog... with the odd anecdote, but that means I get to post more and you , dear reader, get to see more of this wonderful country I live in.

So what to do and do you still want to 'come with me' as I travel around the UK ?  As I continue on my 50/50 quest... maybe even surpassing the 50... lets hope so

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  1. Love looking at picture blogs, can't wait to see yours. Glastonbury is so fabulous, what a perfect place to go on your birthday!